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Tricol Clean Inc.
CHINA TEL: 86-536-601-1088
U.S.    TEL: (360) 329-4129
E-mail: Microfiber Sales

2119 SE Columbia Way
Suite 310
Vancouver, WA 98661
W & W International Inc.
CHINA TEL: 86-28-869-33973
U.S.    TEL: (360) 833-2698
E-mail: Mop Sales

1 Industrial Park
MaAn Village, Wanli Zhen
Cangnan Xian, Zhejiang 325804
The People's Republic Of China
Weifang Tricol Co., Ltd.
CHINA TEL: 86-536-610 1088
U.S.     TEL: (360) 843-9900
E-mail: Microfiber Direct

Shengrong Business Dept.
Xinhua Road
Weifang, Shandong 261041
The People's Republic of China